Saturday, September 29, 2012

Erratic Love

Full of Texure and Saturated with Color, Depth and Intent. Erratic and Variable Shades of Love, Laughter and Heat. 18x24 Inch Medium to Large Canvas, Gloss Sealed, and Sides Blacked Out. Ready to Hang.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Etsy - About MixedStrata

Random Strokes of Madness

Mixed Strata, An Abstract Place- Usually Conceived as Having Depth..

I love throwing paint around, mixing random ideas and textures and in general making a beautiful mess... I love that moment when it all starts to get warm and I can see something a little deeper begining to grow.

I really enjoy challenging myself to try new things, let go of control and just let the art take me. Its a powerful and heady experience and I am impatient for more.

In the words of Pablo Picasso " I am always doing that which I cant in order to learn how to do it"... :)


Original Art / Galactic Butterfly Hunab Ku by MixedStrata

Hunab Ku, was to the Mayas - the One True God, Sole Creator of everything, all life, all love, elements and mysteries. All Consciousness. It is the center of the universe, both giving birth to new life and absorbing others. A beautiful whirling entity and mother to all. The Galactic Butterfly represents the cycle of birth, change and reincarnation. Even a small thing can create big change.

This has many layers of depth, color and meaning, and would be an amazing gift for someone you love, or to keep for yourself. I have finished it with a high gloss to bring out the depth of color and dimension. The sides are blacked out, signature and inspiration are on the back of the piece and its ready to hang.

I am in the process of T-shirts, and now taking orders. They are $25 Each for small, med and large, white or black. Larger sizes will be available on request.

Please enjoy!